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Athol Park

Athol Park is the story of fiercely independent 14-year-old Audrey Gaines, who enlists her two best friends to investigate the sudden disappearance of her new teacher, Frederick Munroe, who also happens to be the only other person of color in the school. It's both a gripping mystery and a story of self-discovery for a young woman of color living in the suburbs.


Audience Choice Award

National Film Festival for Talented Youth (2020)


Project Name

The Bartender

Natalie Hebert stars as Carly, the skillful  bartender at a swanky hotel lounge, who's thrown off her game by the arrival of Alan (Jay Dunigan), a powerful investor.  As Alan and his leadership team celebrate with round after round of drinks, Carly is haunted by a dark secret about him, and becomes increasingly concerned for the safety of Heather (Isabel Emilia Simoes), the only woman in the group.  Will Carly conquer her fear of confronting Alan in time to stop Heather from leaving with him―or will she be forever doomed to relive the past?


Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Sound Design

L.A. Redstone Film Festival (2019)

Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Sound Design

Boston Redstone Film Festival (2019)



Project Name

High Times

An addict tries to escape the harsh reality of his existence. 

Shot on 16mm film.


All Call

Set in the 1950's, "All Call" tells the story of a stewardess who is living a secret life, being married despite airline regulations which say stewardesses are not allowed to marry or be pregnant while employed. Though she wants to be a free spirit, Chrissy is being pressured to give it up to start a family with her her husband. When she finds out that she is pregnant, Chrissy must decide between getting an abortion to continue her job as a flight stewardess or live the family life at home as a housewife.


Film Reel

A look at short films produced by LoveLee Productions.

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